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Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI)

These series of pages are devoted to one of Scotland's, and now Britain's top UFO and paranormal investigative associations. What reason do I have for saying this?
Well, SPI is based very near the city of Livingston and Bonnybridge here in Scotland. Those of you who are up-to-date with world-wide UFO issues will immediate realize what I mean by this.
Livingston and Bonnybridge have been caught in the middle of a tremendous UFO flap for the past year and a half, still currently going on. The village of Bonnybridge found worldwide acclaim when 1/10 of it's population of 9000 reported unusual happenings in their neighbourhood. These are just the official reports and it is suggested that there are many more people in the village who have seen something but who are unwilling to come forward to report for fear of publicity, be it threat to their job or otherwise.


The subject of Ufology, and indeed many other type of strange phenomena, are being researched throughout the world by men and women, many pillars of their community, high standing academic people, who realize, that at present, man does not know all there is to know about this strange planet and universe of ours. We still have a great deal to learn, we most certainly do not know it all. Not to inquire and resolve these types of enigmas, would not be in keeping with man's quest to understand.

Man must seek to resolve mysteries that of which SPI are dedicated to, for to totally dismiss them out of hand would be foolish. Only by continued research and dedication can we ever hope to resolve the puzzling reports which humanity has experienced. We must go forward. Man never learned anything by resting on his laurels. Seek and ye shall find, the often attributed phrase. Let this be the case for Strange Phenomena Investigations. Do not be afraid to contact us with whatever strange item you may wish to put to a sympathetic ear. We are conversant with a fair amount of "strange phenomenon", and would like to extend our knowledge with as much genuine information as may come our way to help us with our research. Our members involvement in SPI is more than academic beyond the appeal of the subject as a study. We are drawn to it because we share the mutual opinion that the subject "demands" investigation and a definite awareness on as wide a scale as possible. That certain occurrence should not be dismissed with a shrug of the shoulders when a collective study by sensible and dedicated people may well help to establish a firmer foundation that "there are such things".

Let me repeat again. Man never learned anything by resting on his laurels, an inquiring mind is so much better than a closed mind, and we at SPI surely have that inquiring mind. We want to know the reasons and causes behind the mysteries of which at present eludes us, and to this end, we hope that you share our enthusiasm.

Remember all those UFO facts and figures. CLICK HERE

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