Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI)

Tony Bassett Interview.(PART 1)

By: Malcolm Robinson.
Date: July 2000.






My partner Judith Jaafar and I travelled over to North London to visit Inventor Tony Bassett to learn about his claims of inventing a device which he claims can induce an Out Of Body Experience. Not only that, but this device, he claims, can also transport you to the past, future, and, would you believe it, the spirit world. This was too good to be true. As a researcher, these claims were right up my street and I just had to visit this man and find out more. The following, is a transcript of that recording session held at his home in Haverstock Hill. Some may find these claims extravagant, wild, and purely daft in the extreme, but like many similar people before him, of whom the public laughed at, sometimes it's us who have the egg on out face. See what you make of this.

Abbreviations: (MR) Malcolm Robinson. (JJ) Judith Jaafar. (TB) Tony Bassett.

(MR) Tony, tell me a little bit about yourself, firstly, what age are you ?

(TB) I'm 50 years old.

(MR) And how about your early life, have you always taken an interest in things paranormal ?

(TB) No, not really. In fact at school I was brought up with a very scientific attitude and upbringing. I was told that all these strange phenomena were invented by people to con the gullible out of their money and it was all a totally fake scene. Things like hypnosis didn't exist and psychics and mediums were all fakes. Because my teachers were professors, it wasn't on not to believe what they said. I pritty much took their guidance and all these things strange were irrelevant in the scientific world.

(MR) But did you think that there was something more than they were telling you ?

(TB) No I pritty well swallowed it up hook line and sinker until I started to experience strange phenomena myself, and I began to think that what they had told me wasn't true because I was experiencing things myself.

(MR) What for you, was the very first time that you could safely say that 'Hey, this is different, there's something strange here, that this is not the norm ?.'

(TB) Well I think the first really definitive thing was when somebody at a party asked me to hypnotise them and I said well I don't believe in hypnosis,and this was in 1961 or 1962 or something like that. And I said to them, "Look go around and find somebody else to do it, somebody who knows more about it than I do, and they couldn't, so I said "I'll have a go". I just faked up some induction hypnosis thing cause I didn't know a damm thing about it. The next thing I know, I've got two lads sat in armchairs and they were well away in a very short space of time. And I realised that something strange was going on. They were lots of people looking on and half of them went 'out' as well, they all saw the same things that I suggested to the initial chap I was hypnotising. Subsequent to that I had an absolutely tearing headache one day and a guy came up to me and said "I'm a healer" and he waved his hands above my head and my headache was gone. It was amazing, he cleared my headache immediately, and then I got told that I could do this healing and I got introduced to a healing circle and there were people there who were clairvoyants and mediums I was really in at the deep end. I then started to experience these things for myself, and I then began to say to myself that this straight laced scientific upbringing is inadequate, these guys don't know anything there are things that exist in the world that are way beyond the world of conventional science there are things that they just don't know about and because these things are subjective they deny them, if they can't get a needle to move on a meter they say that the thing doesn't exist. It's very well known that people all over the world are experiencing these things for themselves although they might be a fairly small proportion of the population but there's millions of them.

(MR) Now not only that, I believe that you have had Out Of Body Experiences, some people would call them astral travelling, astral projection, call it what you will. When did you first of all experience this.

(TB) I witnessed it in other people before I experienced it myself. I went to visit a man called Hugh Lodge the nephew of Oliver Lodge the man who invented the microphone and who was also into psychic phenomena. And he showed me something called 'The Christos Experiment' which is a means of inducing an Out Of Body Experience. Now I was absolutely gobsmacked by it, I'd never heard of anything like it at all and yet there it was, real as life I just couldn't doubt that it wasn't faking it, it looked to me as a real genuine experience. I then learned how to do it.

(MR) Just to make it clear to the readers of our magazine, the Christos Experience is when you place a subject (person) flat on their back someone then massages their ankles and someone would massage the centre of their forehead.

(TB) That's correct.

(MR) The subject then visualises themselves it could be different techniques, either looking at their front door looking at the grain of the wood, then moving up to the windows them up to the roof, and then moving straight up into space.

(TB) Yes that's right, till they are actually flying and out of their body and if they are lucky they can go to wherever they want, that's if they become adept at it. Some people can do that right away, some people they don't know where they are going to be going. Now I started doing that as the person inducing it, and not receiving it, and at first I had a success rate of around 20 or 30 percent. I was doing it like that for around a couple of years and gradually increasing my success rate. But then I started to use a machine called a 'Bio-Energiser' that I built, I was actually using it for healing people and one day I put two and two together and I said that if that 'Bio-Energiser' induces altered states of consciousness in people, then it resembles very closely the Out Of Body Experience. So with one of these 'Bio-Energisers' along with the Christos Experience it worked an absolute treat, it upped my success rate to around 50 or 60 percent. Now by means of using the 'Bio-Energiser' I've got the success rate up to over 80 percent.

(MR) Now this 'Bio-Energiser' which I'm looking at in front of me here is a box which is about a foot or so in length.

(TB) It's approximately a foot square by seven inches high.

(MR) Now what exactly is that box made of, what are the components of that box.

(TB) I'll tell you what it does and what's inside it. I call it my thunderstorm in a box because it generates similar energy to the energy that is generated in a thunderstorm by the Electro magnetic activity of lightning, so it is generating something like that. So what's inside it is high voltage generators of high frequencies and those high frequencies come out of the box as an electrical field, they then spread out into the room and every body gets a bit. It's a natural form of energy it's just like being able to switch a thunderstorm on and off. You see, when you want to do this Christos Experiment you don't want to be hanging around waiting for a thunderstorm to do it in, because in thunderstorms you can get Out Of Body Experiences quite nicely because of the energy of them, but like I say, you don't want to be hanging around waiting for a thunderstorm when you have one of these boxes in front of you. And you just switch it on and it works a treat. Using these boxes I've had over 50 people in a room having Out Of Body Experiences all at once.

(MR) Is it mains powered, is it battery powered. What is the power source ?

(TB) It runs from 12 volts it's about 4 amps. You use something like either a car battery, you can't use one of those little 12 volt batteries as you would run it out in a few seconds, but a car battery or a motor bike or scooter battery will run it for a little while or else a mains battery.

(MR) Now obviously as you say, that has increased the hit rate (if you want to use that word)

(TB) Yes that's appropriate.

(MR) I've got a million and one questions about the Out Of Body Experience. First and foremost, you have done Out Of Body Experiences prior to using the box, using the box, was the experience you had much the same as not using the box, was it different, was it horrible, how was it ?

(TB) It was exactly the same kind of experience but more easy to succeed with, in some ways more deeper and profound. I usually do group sessions so I would have 4,6, 8 people all here at once. They can all communicate with each other, they can all talk together and they know what's happening. They sort of encourage each other to take further steps and go boldly where no man has ever gone before so to speak (laughs). So that's the effect of the box. It's like a catalyst. The whole experience can be done very well without the box.

(MR) What would you say then would be a typical Out Of Body Experience from the moment you lose consciousness.

(TB) One doesn't lose consciousness. One has full consciousness right throughout, for the most part, people can remember every moment of it. So it's not a metter of going into a trance and losing consciousness it's a totally conscious experience.

(MR) Are you eyes wide awake and your looking round the room ?

(TB) Some people can manage that, most people can't manage that, for most people though they are better with their eyes shut and being very relaxed. There are people though who can do it with their eyes open.

(MR) So, you are in this state, this Out Of Body State, what then would happen, where do you go !!

(TB) Typically one experience is rising above the house and floating above the roof and being able to see up into the sky and then floating amoungst the stars, that is a very common experience and in fact I encourage people to be amoungst the stars. I don't try to guide them too much as to what they are actually going to do unless they want that because that smacks a little of hypnosis and it's not particularly a hypnotic experience it's when people are encouraged to explore for themselves. Obviously if they want to go to a specific place I might encourage them on how to get there. So what I quite often say to them is, "how far away are you from the Earth" ? and they'll sometimes say that the Earth is the size of a marble or a speck of dust, or I can't see it at all. And I'll say, "Whilst you're up there the Earth is turning round and it's spinning into the future or it's spinning into the past. So when you come back you'll find yourself in the past or in the future. And meanwhile, if you want to visit any of the stars or planets that are around you, you are free to do so, and they often see strange things and entities like spirits and all sorts of stuff like that, and then when they are ready they can come back down to Earth and they'll find themselves on planet Earth in a different time and place. Now I've been asked several times how you can confirm that this is a real experience, that they really are experiencing planet Earth either in the past or in the future and I've gone about this is several ways. One way is to take some notes of what's been going on and what they have experienced, and then at a later date get somebody that they don't know and send them to the same time and place and get them to describe it, and I've done that several times to several different people who don't know each other, got them to go to the same place and the descriptions tally. It's a very strong indication that this is genuine. I had one lady for instance who had an absolutely fantastic experience, she said can you tell me if that was a real experience or not ? Because she said it was like a really vivid dream. I said to her "O.K. your fully back to normal, your in the here and now. Go back out of your body, go out of this house, the back way, not the front way you entered and don't go near any of the streets or roads that you came by. Go down the back, go through a few streets and roads as long as you don't go near the direction you came (your in strange streets) that you didn't see when you were coming. Now find a street with a few parked cars, she then said "O.K. I've found some" I then said, "tell me each car, the make of it, the colour, the registration and how it's parked, tell me if it's parked near to a gate a tree, or whatever relevant to that car. And after she had given me about half a dozen cars and told me that this one is parked near a tree, this one is parked near a gate and this one is parked near a van and it's colour is such and such and the registration is such and such (I wrote it all down) I had a team of people, there were 14 people in the room and I said, "O.K. who's going". I got half a dozen of them to go including her, and she took them to that street, and there they were, those cars. !!!

Now I couldn't think of any other explanation other than she had gone and visited that street under an Out Of Body Experience and that was very very convincing.

(MR) Well yes, this is one of the major questions, has any of these experiences been cooborated by people such as that, going to visit places. Just like as if you had visited a friend, and during that visit under your Out Of Body Experience, saw that friend in his house reach for a piece of paper, he dropped that paper, and you could phone him later stating that you saw him do that, in this Out Of Body Experience at 7:40pm or what have you.

(TB) Yes that's right.

(MR) So you and others can do this then, cooborate other individuals Out Of Body Experiences ?

(TB) I've not tried to do that actual thing, like eavesdropping on a particular person and tell them what they were doing, but I have heard of other people doing this, but I've not actually experienced this myself.

(MR) Now you also spoke to me prior to this meeting, that some of your subjects have visited a UFO or UFO incident from the past and verify or not verify as the case may be the events of that time, is that correct ?

(TB) That seems to be so. We've not done a great deal of this because my workshop burned down and that stopped me from going further in that direction although I'm very interested to do so. On occasion, I've suggested to people after we have looked into various books, the times and locations of UFO sightings and I've said let's go back to that time and place and see what's going on. And on one particular occasion the UFO was seen and the person that saw the UFO actually a lady in this Out Of Body state,succeeded in seeing it, she said it was a totally mechanical thing, and that there were not any living 'beings' on board this particular one and she travelled along with it right out amoungst the stars, she came to a planet and the UFO went down close to the surface of this planet and the planet seemed to be pritty dry and arid, reddish rocks and canyons and things. I don't think it was Mars because it was too far away for that, it was out of our solar system. It seemed to be heading towards some canyons or some caves, but at that time the session got interrupted, somebody started hammering on the door and we had to leave it and we didn't have time to get back to it. But it was a very interesting experience and it made me feel that it was something that we could do further with.

  1. What particular incident was that ?

(TB) I don't know. What happened was that somebody just fished out a book and got such and such a date and such and such a place and off we went.

(MR) Tony research comes in many ways and many capacities, there are so many doors with research. Would you like to work with certain people within BUFORA including myself, to try experiments in regards to famous UFO cases and maybe some that's not so, to see if we can gain any information, and even if we do get information, obviously the sceptics, and quite rightly so, will say that this is not valid, but would you still be prepared to assist in regards to this ?

(TB) I mean that sounds like a fascinating thing to do. This is the sort of work that I have been interested in doing for years. And I've not had the facilities to do it. I've had all sort of problems, family problems which tied me up and kept me from doing what I wanted to do, yes I would be very very interested in having a go.

(MR) You mentioned that you had quite a number of subjects, people who came to you, is that still going on, or is it just occasionally that you get together. I mean, how often did you have people round to do this type of work ?

(TB) Well sometimes I'd do it a couple of times a week and sometimes I wouldn't do it for a few weeks, it was very very on and off, it just depended on circumstances whether I had a place to do it in. I have done it here, on occasion when it's not been so cluttered up.

  1. Where else have you done it ?

(TB) I've done it quite a lot in people's living rooms, I've done it in night clubs, all sorts of places. I've done it live on television.

(MR) Have there been any location that you have found in your Out Of Body state that you love going to that you can describe for me in your own words that you 'enjoy' going. Obviously you must have visited so many places.

(TB) I haven't because I have been the guide that has been running the show and I didn't have the out Of Body Experience myself, but in fact I'm very frustrated by this because whenever I've had an Out Of Body Experience, and I've had quite a few, whenever I have had them it's not been by arrangement, it's not like at the moment I'm going to say that I am going to have an Out Of Body Experience tonight and go and have it. What happens is that I will try and have an Out Of Body Experience and if won't work then maybe a few hours later or a few days later I'll have the experience when I'm not expecting it to happen. I might just sit down and relax and find out that I'm having an Out Of Body Experience. And when I do have it, it's fantastic, it's a great experience. I mean, I've done things like go up amounst the stars, it's just beautiful you know and then something will happen to make me zap back again, because you can come back instantly if you need to you know, even if you don't want to sometimes. And I've thought, well how on Earth will I get back out there again and I couldn't do it but I seem to be a dab hand at inducing other people to do it.

(MR) Now for yourself or other people, have either yourself, or other people, claimed to have met deceased friends or relatives or……

(TB) Many times, many times. I was doing a session for a group of people and one lady there just broke down in tears she was crying uncontrollably and I thought that there must be something terribly wrong here. And I said to her "what is it". Now I didn't know it at the time that she had just lost her husband a bit previous to this. And she said "well I've just been to visit my husband in the spirit world or whatever you might call it and she said he looked so beautiful and so calm now I know he is alright, I'm crying tears of joy. I met him surrounded by nice spiritual people in light and he has got used to the fact that he is no longer on this planet. And she said she met him face to face and that it was such a tremendous relief and that he was O.K. and this is something that can be done consistently because it's happened many times and there can be no doubt about it.

(MR) The environment of which that deceased person was, how did that lady describe the surroundings. Did she describe any surroundings, or did she only relate to her husband.

(TB) She was mainly relating to her husband. It was in something like a palace of light or something of that nature to describe it loosely. Sometimes they meet in fantastic gardens or crystal caves, that sort of surroundings. But the surroundings can either be kind of Earthly or they have nothing to do with planet Earth.

(MR) Have you personally, or any of your subjects, had any bad experience that they were really frightened of ?

(TB) Oh Yeah, quite a few. Sometimes it's been their own fault as well. I did a demonstration with one of my 'Bio-Energisers' and somebody there wanted one so I sold him it and they came back a couple of weeks later and they said we did this Out Of Body Experience and it was the most awful experience that we have ever come across. He said that there was a whole group of them went and they went underground and they saw these caves with Devils and Demons and monsters and it drove them silly. There were being chased down tunnels it was a real heck of a nightmare. So I said O.K. what have you been doing, and he said, "well we were all taking drugs" And as result they got all sorts of bad vibes etc. They had attracted all sorts of nasty stuff and of course through drugs they got a nightmare experience. So really they were asking for it. Now other people have said that they have been underground and it had been fantastic they saw beautiful underground lakes and caves full of crystals it was absolutely beautiful. So a lot depends on the level of consciousness of the person that's doing it. I had one lady who experienced being a noble woman at the time of the French Revolution. And her husband had been grabbed by the French revolutionaries and I think they were going to guillotine him and so she was dressed in black driving down the street in a horse drawn carriage and people were surrounding the carriage and cursing her and throwing rotten fruit at the carriage and she was saying "how could they do this when I have just lost my husband, how could they be so cruel". And she was extremely upset. And so I asked her if she wanted to come out of that, and she said yes so I brought her out of that experience. Later she then said that she wanted to go back through with it, so I put her back into it and she experienced it all again. Now that's a therapeutic experience and that would explain why she had been frightened of certain circumstances in her life. There have been a few people who have been frightened of water and we have found out that they drowned in a past life. They've been through it, come out of it, and they are no longer frightened of water. It can be a very healing and therapeutic experience in many ways.

(MR) Well yes I guess it can be a therapeutic experience, but I'd like you to tell me and our readers, has any individual ever come back with bruises or marks on their body, ie, can the environment where they are (in this Out Of Body State) somehow interact with them (or their mind) and leave them with marks on their body or is that not the case in your experience ?

(TB) Well I've been doing this for over 20 years and I've never come across anything like that at all. I wouldn't discount it, but I've never come across it.

(MR) Now once you switch on your 'Bio-Energiser' in the room with your assembled people, what is the duration or time limit shall we say for these experiences to occur, is it different for some people, I mean do others go under quickly or do they all experiencing these Out Of Body Experiences at the same time ?

(TB) It varies according to the individual I mean there will always be those people who will go out of body before the others and with some people it's almost instant in seconds. Other people might take a few minutes. I usually reckon if it's not happened in 20 minutes then they are not going to 'go' although there are exceptions to that as well. It's usually about 3,4,5,6, minutes is a sort of good average.

(MR) Now has anyone in your circle of friends gathered people who are there to experiment with your 'Bio-Energiser' have not had that experience at the time, but when they have got home perhaps it just suddenly 'kicked in' ?

(TB) Yes that sort of thing has happened and it's happened to me and that's how I know for myself the reality of the experience although I'm very fed up when I can't induce it at will, (laughs) I'd love to be able to do it at will.

(MR) Tony, what would you say makes a 'good subject' ? Is there such a thing as a good subject or is everybody equal when it comes to experiencing your device ?

(TB) No people aren't equal at all. There are some people who are terrified of the concept they account for a large proportion of the ones that won't go. People who are terrified of it, people who feel that it's against their religion, people who don't believe in it, although I've had quite a lot of people who don't believe in it who come along with their mates and they have got the shock of their lives when it has actually worked (laughs) . It doesn't always work for people who believe in it either. They believe in it but they just won't go. So it's a very individual situation, very subjective, although at the same time it is possible to get correlation between various people to confirm that it's a genuine experience.

(MR) And how long would this experience last for if you didn't purposely bring these people out of their Out Of Body Experiences ?

(TB) Normally people come back naturally very easily. I generally run a session for about an hour by that time people have generally had enough. Sometimes it will be two hours depending on how interesting it is. Sometimes they get really interested in it and nobody wants to stop it (laughs) and I have to say well look it's getting late, everybody will miss their Tubes home so we've got to bring it to a close. About an hour or thereabouts is a good average.

(MR) Now you have mentioned briefly about going back to the past and you touched briefly about the future. Has anybody went forward into the future and perhaps predicted something, perhaps a catastrophe they maybe saw a horrible event and they have came back and said well I believe that this is going to happen, and if so, has this in fact occurred, or has this never been the case ?

(TB) Right, the way I've done it is that that question doesn't seem to be relevant because usually, people have gone so far into the future that you couldn't correlate it that way. The only other way that you could correlate it, would be to send somebody else to that same date and time in the future and see what 'they' experienced. Because a lot of times it has been hundreds of years in the future, thousands of years in the future, tens of thousands of years in the future. People have asked me, well can't you go into the future and witness the National Lottery results and things like that, and maybe some people can, but as far as I know, I don't know anybody who has done this and succeeded. I feel really, that that would be a 'misuse' of the faculty, because some of the things we do see far far transcend the importance of the National Lottery results. I mean, a really spiritual experience is uplifting and life changing really.

(MR) Now Tony I believe that you have marketed your 'Bio-Energiser' have you sold it world wide. ?

(TB) Yes world wide.

(MR) How has the response been to this, is it selling well or……….

(TB) I don't sell a great many of them because usually I sell them when I do a session. One customer that I sold two of them to 10 years ago he lived in the USA and that customer showed them to various people and lent them out and they didn't have the heart to recall them because the people he lent them to were finding excellent results with them and he ordered a further five, a total of seven to one customer. I've sold quite a few of them on a sale or return basis.

(MR) You mean if the results don't happen they can send it back !

(TB) That's right, they'll get their money back. They've paid me the money, they can bring it back anytime and they'll get their money back minus two and a half percent for each week they've had it. I've only had three back, one because somebody only wanted to hire one for a short period of time and he was due to bring it back anyway. The other two were a young man who decided that if he pointed this device at somebody and switched it on he would cure them of cancer immediately and it didn't happen of course. I didn't say that this would happen at all, it was just a fancy of his that this would happen. And so when I found out what he was doing I told him he was making illegal and unethical claims for my equipment and I grabbed the equipment back off of him and gave him his money back. He was making a real mess of things.

A lot of scientific people don't even want to know if it does work because it raises so many questions from a scientific view point I think they would be embarrassed by it. At the same time I have sold quite a lot of them to mainly medical doctors of high standing and in each case they have come to me and said "well look for God's sake don't tell anybody that we've bought this machine from you or we'll get thrown out of the British Medical Council, they'll stop us from practising but we are so fascinated by this that we've just got to have one. And it's going to go in a back room of such and such of a famous London hospital. Now there are quite a few of these in quite a few back rooms of London hospitals. And I reckon that this is quite a good thing because ultimately a doctor from one of those hospitals is going to say, "Ah, I see that you've got one of these as well". And so it will start to become more common place.

  1. But what would that doctor use that for ?

(TB) Well they are experimenting on altered states of consciousness. Even before we found out about the Out Of Body Experiences we were getting healing results, like in some cases we would get healing occurring at five times the normal predicted speed for healing for that type of injury.

(MR) And how much do you sell your devices for Tony, what is your standard rate ?

(TB) This one (points to Bio-Energiser) is £280:00.

  1. And what is the technique to use one of these things, what would happen if you put one of these machines on ?

(TB) You could start feeling a bit uplifted.

  1. But could it work the other way as well, in a negative way ?

(TB) Well I suppose it could but it's usually an uplifting thing.

(MR) Now when you have been travelling in this out of body state with your other pupils, has anybody actually physically saw, someone else in an out of body state. ?

(TB) Oh yeah, that's very common.

(MR) But what did they describe ?

(TB) There seem to be a number of principle appearances. Sometimes they will see them clothed as per normal, sometimes they see people in the nude, and sometimes they see them in covered in white garments. And then sometimes they see people as points of light or spheres of light, little spheres of light.

(MR) Tony this is July 21st 2000, when was the last time you had an out of body experience. ?

(TB) Oh I think I had a couple last year, I don't think I've had one this year.

(MR) But have you not tried to bring one on this year.

(TB) Well I'd love to be able to bring it on voluntarily whenever I want but I've not cracked that one yet.

  1. Couldn't you get someone else to do it for you ?

(TB) It doesn't seem to work, I've tried that.

  1. But all these other people can do it I thought that maybe you could as well ?

(TB) Well these other people can do it without me. In some respects, once I have shown them how to do it they can do it themselves and it's not necessarily me that has to show them how to do it.

  1. But why is it not working for you ?

(TB) I asked one of these clairvoyant people if they could tell me why it's not working for me and she said well it will in the future you'll gain the faculty in the future you just have to have a bit of patience. And then she said that there is some kind of blockage in your aura which is causing this difficulty and it's only under certain circumstances that you will experience it. So she said that it was something in the aura that was causing it. Well I don't know about that, I'll just have to take her word for it.

(MR) Now when you are in this out of body state Tony, have you tried to go through walls, have you tried to go through ceilings, and if so what did that feel like, or did it not feel like anything ?

(TB) Well that's a very interesting question actually because that is a highly variable experience. In some cases what seems solid is still solid and then it seems that you 'can' go through it, it depends on your own state of being if you will. Sometimes you can drift straight through a wall or straight through a ceiling or through a whole building, then sometimes there is a very sort of interesting half way stage where you can actually put your hand on a solid object and feel that it's there and your not disturbing the object, you just go through it and you can feel it, feel the texture of it as you go through. And also sometimes you can change your degree of perception to where you can see inside objects.

(MR) You can see inside objects !

(TB) You can see inside objects. There was a very interesting case either in late 1993 or early 1994 I had a man whose body was riddled with cancer and I had him go into an out of body experience and hover above his own body and look at it, then I got him to look through it so that he could see the cancer inside his body. He decided that after seeing this horrible thing inside his body he was determined to kick it out. Now six weeks later he was totally clear of cancer, and he was clear of cancer for a further seven years that's when I last contacted him and as far as I know, it didn't come back.

  1. How do you know that he didn't get rid of this naturally ?

(TB) Well I helped him, I gave him various treatments and it was partly that and partly his own determination.

(MR) So was it a desired thought process to get rid of it ?

(TB) Well that helped very much but I gave him specific forms of healing to help him achieve that.

(MR) So would you say that you are more of a healer yourself Tony ?

(TB) Definitely. I joined a group of healers who helped me to learn healing and I've done quite a lot of healing. I'm not with a group of healers at the moment so I don't go in for it in a big way but I do it occasionally.

(MR) Apart from being a healer, would you say that you are a psychic, or are you not psychic ?

(TB) I'm psychic, I wouldn't say that I'm a great psychic I'd just say that I'm a little bit psychic.

(MR) And can you do psychometry ?

(TB) A little bit, I wouldn't say that that was something that I'm really good at but I have had some interesting results with it.

(MR) Now when people are in this out of body state, some people claim to have seen what's like a silver umbilical cord stretching from the material body to the spirit body. Do your subjects relay that ?

(TB) Oh yes. Now some people are just not aware of it they just don't notice it or if you draw it to their attention they'll discard it and it's usually a silvery colour or a silver blue colour. Now I've had some very interesting accounts, for instance this silver cord it actually plugs into the body. The general opinion is, if it comes away the body dies. And I've had a report of somebody who was psychically attacked and those perpetrators actually caused the cord to separate from the body and there were several other people who were out of the body as well and they witnessed this and apparently some beings of the spirit world grabbed him before he could enter the spirit world and put him back in his own body. I've never heard of that before, but somebody actually experienced it during one of my sessions.

(MR) Also in the books of out of body experiences, people describe that when they come back to their body too quick, it can be a very disturbing and shocking experience, would you say that your subjects have experienced that ?

(TB) I have experienced that myself. I felt a bit disoriented and sick for a while and then I was fine, you could get a bit of a headache, but it can be a bit of a disconcerting experience but it's one that you soon recover from as far as I know.

(MR) Would you say that the out of body experience causes any further physical aliments, I mean, the more you do this, will this go against the body so to speak ?

(TB) I would say that the opposite is true in my experience it is a very healing and uplifting experience. It can help a person physically, it can help a person emotionally and psychologically it can help in many many ways. It can be harmful to a person who is not in the right state of mind for it.

(MR) The 'Bio-Energiser' that you have here, how often do you produce these, do you build them occasionally, or are you building them all the time ?

(TB) I try to have a stock of them, but I find it very hard and difficult to have a stock of them because people come and buy them, so I mean, at the moment, I don't even have one for myself. If somebody came and desperately wanted one, I would sell them the one that I use myself. I've got one here half made.

  1. And what comprises the make of it ?

(TB) The parts for it are all fairly standard parts nothing esoteric about the construction of it, it's a very standard piece of equipment.

(MR) Is each 'Bio-Energiser' set for the same level of output or can you 'up' the output on different 'Bio-Energisers' to create a more quicker possible out of body experience, or is it just a straight manufacture of the straight components for every one ?

(TB) Well I make a pritty much standard model really. I can make them a lot more powerful, I could make them less powerful. Some people want a pocket sized one, but it's very difficult to make a pocket sized one because you can't get the parts into a pocket sized one. At one point I was planning to make a 'Bio-Energiser' room, i.e., that the walls of the room would be the 'Bio-Energiser'. As far as I'm concerned, it would be perfectly feasible to make such a thing.

(MR) I mentioned earlier in the conversation about you assisting BUFORA with research, we would be very interested to see one of your 'Bio_Energiser's' in action once you have built another one, you have one half finished here……..

(TB) Well this one here is sold already, as soon as I've made one somebody wants it so I'll have to make some more. I would be more than happy to help BUFORA, I'm really keen on it. You see to get them more powerful you can have more than one of them, you can have two or three of them in the room at the same time and switch them on. If I happen to have one or two of them, then we'll use the lot.

At this point in the interview, Malcolm Robinson expressed his desire and that of BUFORA's for Tony to cooperate with experimentation in the near future where BUFORA researcher's and other researchers, could all meet up with a view to learning what Tony's 'Bio-Energiser' can do (or not as the case may be !) Malcolm explained that we should also have sceptics, debunkers and people from 'other persuasions' to attend this experimental night to see what may transpire. Tony replied that he would be extremely interested in co-operating with BUFORA.

(MR) You mentioned that some of your subjects have visited other planets, but have your subjects ever seen what is more commonly seen throughout western Europe these small grey creatures !!

(TB) Oh the greys. I'm not really sure actually, I think some years ago somebody saw one but we've not made what you would call 'definitive contact' with them not in terms of communication or things of that nature. I've spoken to people who seem to be in communication with the greys some telepathically but I've never been able to make any sense of those communications. There has always been very negative communication, and I'm not convinced that that's the greys themselves that are saying that. I've got a feeling that in some respects they may want to communicate with us.

(MR) Now by using this 'Bio-Energiser' we as human beings are somehow, (if the reality of this is true) are projecting ourselves into some other dimension or etheric vibrational level call it what you will, I don't really know. The question now arises if we are doing this coming into their space have you noticed or have any of your subjects noticed, anything after using this machine of 'beings' call them what you will, of them coming into 'our space' !

(TB) I think on occasion, they have I've had isolated reports of that. That's not a sort of definitive thing as yet but I really wouldn't be surprised if that sort of thing were to go on. In terms of different dimensions it seems that this procedure with the 'Bio-Energiser' or without it, opens up gateways to a large number of dimensions, a huge number, in fact on some occasions, we have had a situation where somebody went out of the body and found themselves standing on a line and the line has been time and it's as if time has become a physical dimension. So they have been able to travel along the line and go to the future, then travel along the line the other way and go to the past. All the way along the line, bunching up in all directions are different dimensions. They can explore these dimensions pritty much at will and then come back along the time line to the present to the here and now. This seems to be something that happens consistently, it doesn't seem to be an isolated thing, it's very very interesting indeed.

(MR) Now I suppose in a sense Tony we could call you an inventor for obviously you have invented this machine which can do these things.

(TB) Well I've designed it.

(MR) A designer, O.K. How do you see this now for the future, I mean what are your aspirations what are your ideas for the future, is this something that you want to be well known for or would you be happy to plod along and take it as it comes ?

(TB) Well, I've been on television quite a lot, I think I've been on television every year for about 48 years. So from that point of view I'm fairly well known. When I have done this out of body experience live on T.V. most people took it as something fictional so it's something of a strange experience for them. They are seeing something on T.V. and not believing it. So really I'm not embarrassed at having this thing publicly known. I'm not seeking it, but I don't mind if it happens.

(MR) Have you ever written up in a book or magazine article about the whole thing, about your study about everything to do with your machine ?

(TB) Not really, but I think that it's something that I should do really it's just that I haven't had the time to do it, I'm just so busy. I'm an excellent writer by the way, nearly every thing I write gets published I've had well over a hundred items published Internationally and I've just not had the time to do the writing over the past few years. I've got a couple of web sites and I put some things up there from time to time.

  1. You mentioned that your 'Bio-Energiser' had some sort of power like lightning and that………………

(TB) It's not got the same power as a lightning strike, it's just got the same kind of energy.

  1. But couldn't it be dangerous ?

(TB) No it's not, you don't get lightning bolts coming crashing out of it (laughs). You can feel it.

  1. It's not the power then that's important, is it the type of energy ?

(TB) Yes that's right, it's the type of energy and the type of vibration that it produces and as I say, it's a natural form of energy reminiscent of a thunderstorm but we have the facility to switch it on and off.

(MR) How did you decide or find out should I say, that this would do what you hoped it would do and that it would bring on these out of body experiences. Was it just a chance thing ?

(TB) Well I was using the machine for some totally different purposes mainly for healing people and I noticed that it induced an altered state of consciousness in them, and I thought well this state of consciousness might facilitate an out of body experience, so I tried it and it worked a treat.

  1. Is the air ionised when this machine is turned on which somehow helps an out of body experience to occur ?

(TB) It's not so much that the air is ionised the negative ions and things like that are not particularly the relevant factor. What is the relevant factor is a magnetic effect and also an electrical effect it's those two. These produce a pritty strong magnetic field. And I tried making some that just had the electrical field without the magnetic field and I got them returned, people want the combination. This combination of a magnetic field and an electrical field is what does the business and as I keep saying, it's very similar to what happens during a thunderstorm.

  1. Do you know a researcher called Albert Budden ?

(TB) Yes I do actually.

  1. With UFO and paranormal witnesses, quite often you will find if someone has had an electrical incident in their life or has been near a lightning strike, they will have a lifetime then of paranormal experiences after that. And so we are working on the premise that the electromagnetic fields are crucial to this whole paranormal business, this is a thing that Albert would be very interested in, a machine that produced a field of the right strength to facilitate what we might call psychic powers.

(TB) Albert has been here a few times but I haven't seen him for around 2 or 3 years I seem to get on O.K. with him and we've had some pritty interesting chats. He went away to build something and that was the last I heard from him. I hope he has done well with it and I would like to say hi to him again.

(see Albert Budden's thoughts on Tony's device at the close

of this article)


(MR) Tony, I'll leave the last word with yourself, if you could just say in a number of words about how you see your device and the experiences in general !

(TB) What I feel is that there is a really terrific potential here which is untapped at the moment and the potential extends in many directions. It extends into the field of healing and paranormal Investigations, UFOs, and states of human consciousness, space travel. Now one can also produce magnification of it in the sense that you can travel within the confines of atoms and see the structure of them etc. Now also it seems that in the realms of language translation that one of the things that can be done in an out of body experience is to enter into the consciousness of another person in the past or the future. When one does that, one doesn't in general influence that person but whatever language their speaking you seem to be able to instantly translate it into one's one language so it strikes me from a translation point of view this could lead into many many fields of potential benefit to human nature.

(MR) Tony, fascinating subject, it's been fascinating talking to you this evening I do wish you well with your future studies with this and I do hope that you and I with BUFORA can work together in the near future as a research body to see if we can test the water with previous UFO encounters, ie, if we can go back in time and test the water to see what we could uncover through an out of body visit to a prior UFO encounter.

(TB) Well BUFORA have a tremendous record of such things and if we can select a few people, we can give it a try. And I would say that the ideal set up would be to have a group of people preferably some of them ought to be a little psychic anyway as that type of person seems to be able to go further and more easier and so forth and also those people who are not psychic at all can come along, we can have a little group maybe 8,10, people whatever and once I've got some more machines available we can go ahead.

(MR) Tony, thank you very much.

(Added Notes).

Tony had so much to say, that even when I switched the audio cassette off I just had to switch it back on again as he continued to talk about other aspects of his students whilst there were on an out of body experience. For instance, Tony spoke about one of his subjects who described actually being inside a household fly (!!!) Initially she saw a fly (a shiney green fly that looked like a bluebottle but was actually a fly) sitting on a piece of wood. Tony asked this subject to magnify what she was looking at ten times, which she did and she started to describe that. Tony then asked her to magnify it ten times more, then 100 times. Tony said that his subject was describing all the hairs on it the eyes were hexagonal and all sorts of things like that. Tony then asked her to magnify it a thousand times to which the subject said, "Well I've gone inside it now and I can see outside of it's eyes". The fly at this point left the piece of wood and started to fly around with Tony's subject still with it. The witness said that it was incredible, that it was like being inside a jet fighter plane. The fly then approached some flowers to which the subject said that the flowers were massive and she was whizzing by it at such an incredible speed. This experience only lasted about a minute or so and then she came back to normal. Tony also went on to explain to me (which is quite incredible) that some of his subjects had also experienced ants consciousness (!!!) Ants, as Tony explained, have a social consciousness. Other people, Tony said, had experienced the consciousness of a tree and various plants. His subjects had also experienced the consciousness of prehistoric monsters, ape men. All in all, our interview with Tony Bassett proved to be quite an interesting and thought provoking afternoon. Of course Tony doesn't stand alone when it comes to these out of body experiences, there are thousands if not millions of people the world over who each have a tale to tell about their own particular experience. So what's going on ? Are these experiences genuine, genuine in the sense that these individuals are able to leave their body, and go into some form of altered state of conscuioness and somehow interact with a new and totally different environment? Or are all these experiences, (each and everyone of them) misleading, fanciful, imaginative and downright wishful thinking on the part of people with a desire for manipulative imagination and story telling!!

Clearly there is no smoke without fire, that something is going on is evident, evident with the thousands of world wide testimonies that have been gathered throughout the years and indeed are still being gathered. I personally believe that a lot of these experiences (not all) but a lot of them, are totally genuine and are catapulting people into different dimensions, different wavelengths of being which at this point in time we cannot comprehend or come to terms with. Tony's device can, he claims, bring these experiences straight to the fore. At the time of writing (October 2000) I am still waiting to test these claims, and test them I will. Stories are one thing, but as a researcher I have to test to the limit any claims of this nature, hence I and others from BUFORA will certainly take these claims and try and pull them apart, find out what makes them work. Is it Tony's box of tricks that is the phenomenon here, ? Or is it purely the expectant mind of the individual keen to try a new and invigorating experience ? Come what may myself and others are on the first rung of a very tall ladder, a ladder which we aim to climb and once at the top, who knows what we may find !!


I mentioned earlier in this report, (and Tony mentions it himself) that Albert Budden a researcher from London who believes that paranormal experiences have nothing at all to do with mystical happenings, but are purely to do with 'frequencies' which emit here from mother Earth and which can effect the individual. Albert had this to say about Tony Bassett's machine.

I have discovered the existence of a device about the size of a large shoe box which can apparently induce out of body experiences in about 60% of the people who are exposed to it's fields. The device sweeps across the EM (Electrical Magnetic) spectrum and emits a whole range of frequencies from ELF through to RF to infrared. EH (Electrical hypersensitivity) individuals are sensitive to particular frequencies and diagnosing it involves a clinical procedure where the patient is gradually exposed to an increasing frequency from an oscillator until a level is found which induce symptoms. This can be instant unconsciousness or a blank trace like state where the individual is unable to concentrate on their immediate environment, become mute and eventually immobile. It is during this 'altered state of body' if irradiation continues, that visionary experiences can occur. Dr Jean Monro at the Breakspear Hospital where EH is treated, told me that the patient may be able to relate what they are experiencing sometimes with their eyes wide open !"

"During the slow pulsating sweep of this device, which is similar to a multiwave generator, the frequency that an EH individual is sensitive to will eventually be 'hit' and they may enter the altered state described. First hand information has yet to be obtained about one precise OBE inducing effects of this device, (i.e, I haven't tried it yet !!) or if it produces a visionary state in normal subjects. Apparently one can avoid it's effects if you keep alert and the focus of your attention on external stimuli, but can succumb to it's effects by closing your eyes and meditating slightly."

Albert Budden.


I hope to provide further information about our experiments with Tony Bassett's device in the near future, so stay tuned as they say.

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