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By: Malcolm Robinson.
Date: June 2000.


JUNE 2000.




I was kindly invited to take part in a television show produced by LWT entitled ‘Ultimate Questions’, which was hosted by that well known television news presenter, Martyn Lewis. LWTV had asked me to bring along some of my BUFORA collegues and I duly extended an invite to quite a number of them, sadly (as it turned out) only my partner Judith Jaafar and I were representing BUFORA, but some collegues of mine did manage to come along with me, one of whom was fellow researcher and crop circle maker, Matthew Williams. So on Sunday the 28th of May myself, Judy and 5 other collegues trooped off to the LWT Centre on London’s Southbank. After the formalities of the green room where we had the complimentary tea/coffee and biscuits, it was time to take our seats for the recording. As it happened, we were invited to take part and sit in on another programme that was being recorded that night. That programme dealt with globalisation, cults and religion, and genetic modification. The second programme, the one in which we were all there for, dealt with UFOs, can we trust the experts, and paranormal powers. A surprise guest on the second show was the renowned, controversial psychic, Uri Geller. Also appearing as panel guests were Heather Cooper the astronomy expert, Dr Richard Lawrence and a female Catholic journalist whose name escapes me. The debate on these subjects was very lively indeed and the audience participation included the testimony of one woman who told her personal tale of spontaneous human combustion. Apparently she was wearing cotton pyjamas which were flame resistant when all of a sudden, in full view of her daughter, a circle of small flames appeared on the floor round her feet. This circle of fire, likened to the flames of a Bunsen burner, slowly traveled up her body, completely unoticed and unfelt by the woman, until it reached the sleeves of her pyjama top. Her daughter alerted her at this point and the woman quickly pulled her top off over her head, slightly singing her hair in the process. The fire brigade were called and when they tried to ignite the pyjamas themselves with a flame, they wouldn’t burn. Heather Cooper said (rather foolishly) that this was probably due to body fat in which fat people are more susceptible to this kind of condition !! What twaddle, if that were the case then surely a large percentage of the population of America who are obesely fat would be spontaneously combusting every day !! And anyway, for the candle and wick effect to be plausible there has to be source of ignition. There was none in this case, as attested to by both witnesses.

Another gentleman in the audience spoke about buying an icon which he was amazed to find, soon after he bought it, started to weep oily tears with a beautifully scented aroma. Many experts had investigated this weeping icon but all were dumfounded and couldn’t provide an answer. Matthew Williams who came with us spoke about his UFO sighting, that of a mile wide UFO seen over a town in Wiltshire. This brought chuckles of laughter from some of the audience and one lady panelist gave Matthew an unkind dig! How could she do this when she didn’t have enough information to go on to profess any kind of judgement!!

As the invited BUFORA representative (in the audience) I informed the audience and the viewers at home, that we have to remember that 95% of all UFO reports have natural mundane explanations after research has been conducted on them and that we have to be careful as to what we ‘construe’ as being a UFO, as some of them could be our own technology. I went on to mention one of my one personal UFO experiences, that of witnessing a strange column of light which came down from a dark Scottish sky near Aultbea in Wester Ross. The debate then ranged to other UFOlogical topics, (UFO stories from the Bible etc). Prior to the show going on the air, Uri had asked presenter Martyn Lewis to draw something simple but not tell him what it was or show him. He said that whilst they were in the middle of the show he would try and draw what Martin had drawn and see if it matched. So during the show it came that time, the time to see if Uri had got it right. The hushed audience sat transfixed staring at Uri as he bent over his small piece of paper trying to re-create what Martyn had drawn earlier. Uri asked Martin to visualize very strongly what he had drawn, and try and highlight the edge in his mind. A few moments later and Uri had finished - he turned to camera and then the audience and showed them all what he had drawn. Uri had drawn a simple picture of a tree. Martin’s face dropped like a stone and with a smile and a shake of his head he then reached into his jacket pocket and brought out his own drawing, that of a tree. Not only was it the same drawing, but it was exact in all its dimensions. ! From the top of the tree to the bottom, the height matched exactly what Uri had drawn. Uri jumped to his feet, and with a beaming smile he shouted, "I got it, I got it"! He was estactic. The audience erupted with thunderous applause. At this point we cut to the commercials.

During the break a member of the audience (obviously a sceptic) shouted out over to Uri, "That’s rubbish, any good stage magician could do that". Uri responded by saying that he had been tested by all the top research laboratories in the world, in completely controlled conditions and no one had found any evidence of cheating. He ended his response by saying that he would speak to him after the show (which he did, I was there too). The second part of the show continued with more debate on UFOlogical and paranormal matters and was lively in the extreme. All too soon though it was over and the debate was finished, and although these types of debates never really get anywhere, (except getting you hot under the collar sometimes) it nevertheless was beneficial in at least stimulating the public’s awareness of such matters. The show gave me my fist chance of actually meeting the famous Uri Geller and I leapt at it !! We managed to have a brief chat and I got my photograph taken with him (as well as the others with me that evening). Uri told us about his early childhood strange experiences and he asked me to give him the SPI web site address so that he could link it onto his. He went on to say, as we chatted in the T.V. foyer, that his web site gets a million hits a day !!! Simply incredible. I’ve since written to Uri giving him more information on SPI and I hope to hear from him in the future.

Ultimate Questions gets screened late on a Sunday evening. Tune in to ITV. There may be regional differences and some regions might not actually get this show. Check your newspaper for late Sunday nights, and if it’s there, do tune in.


BUFORA held their last lecture at the University of Westminster on Saturday June 3rd. This was due to the increase of costs that the University have applied. I gave the last lecture and I spoke about the ghost and poltergeist work that I’ve undertaken up in Scotland over the years. I also showed a number of alleged ghostly and paranormal photographs and spoke about a few UFO cases that I’ve never publicly spoken about before, (mainly because they were so bizarre !) Our new venue is:

The Quaker International Centre

1 Byng Place,

London, WC1E 7JH.

Not only do we have a new venue, but we have a new day and time. All meetings are Monday nights starting at 7:00pm and finishing at 10:00pm. These are the speakers for the remainder of the year.

George Wingfield: Monday September 4th. "New Perspectives On The

UFO Phenomenon"

Jerry Anderson: Monday October 2nd. "UFO Sightings Over Kent".

To Be Arranged: Monday 6th November: Scheduled speaker Reg Presley unfortunately won’t be able to speak as arranged on this date due to his commitments with the Troggs over in Germany.

Richard Conway: Monday December 4th. "The Bible Code"

The nearest tube station to the Quaker International Centre is Goodge Street. (As you come out of Goodge Street, cross the road, go left until you reach the corner of the street, you’ll see Barclays Bank, at Barclays Bank take a right, walk down the street, and you’ll see the venue on the left.)


London Researcher Chris Martin has self published a book that he has been working on for a few years, the book is entitled ‘Intruders In The Night’ and has a forward by Nick Pope. I’ve only just started reading the book myself and it’s certainly interesting. It concerns Chris’s friend and partner Vicki and her dealings with ‘aliens’ (!) Sounds bizarre ? But isn’t that typical of the whole UFO phenomenon. Chris’s book retails at £14:99. I have a few books from Chris that he has allowed me to sell to readers of the SPI England web site. To obtain your copy, send a cheque made payable to Malcolm Robinson at 41 Castlebar Road, Ealing, London, England, W5 2DJ. Chris also has for sale the video of Max Burn’s lecture to BUFORA during the summer of 1999, concerning the controversial alleged incident of a UFO forcing a Tornado jet to crash in the Yorkshire Moors. To order a copy of this video, send a cheque/postal Order made payable to Malcolm Robinson for £9:99, send to the above stated address.


June 24th saw the modern era of UFOlogy begin with the sighting by Kenneth Arnold of a number of strange objects in the sky near the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, America. BUFORA and APRA, (and I believe the Southampton UFO Group) are planning a skywatch in Avebury on this famous date. The meeting place will be the Red Lion pub in Avebury around 8:00pm. If you’d like to come along and take part, then give Malcolm Robinson a call on 0208 998 4936 (or) try 07949 178 835. Should be a laugh and a chance for us all to meet up and share wonderous stories !!


I did a piece with my local newspaper, the Ealing Times. Reporter Sophie Kirkham did a really good job and covered the story honestly and without any silly comment. The article featured a photograph that was sent to me a few years back which shows a strange diamond shaped light hovering in a graveyard. Is this a photograph of a ghost or has it a more mundane explanation ? Whatever it is, it does look interesting.


Fred Rubenfeld of Pegasus Products Inc Colorado USA will be appearing at the Scottish Holistic Health Festival 2000 Edinburgh City Chambers, High Street, Royal Mile in Edinburgh on Wednesday the 19th of July between 7:00pm and 10:00pm. This is Fred’s first visit to Scotland and the U.K. since 1991. So don’t miss this great opportunity to meet this exceptional man. Pegasus Products Inc have one of the largest ranges of Vibrational Remedies in the world today: Flower Essences, Gem & Mineral Elixirs, Element Elixirs, (Inert Gases), Animal Elixirs, Starlight Elixirs, and many, many more. For further details and information on the range of Pegasus Products and Fred’s work, please contact Christine and Paul at, VIBES, Universal Energies & Healthcare. Telephone/Fax: 01324 620 621 (or) E-mail:


Early in June I received a telephone call at my work from one of my Scottish friends, ringing to tell me about a poltergeist case that was happening in a house in Sauchie (pronounced ‘Saw-Key’) near my old home town of Alloa in Clackmannanshire. It wasn’t any old poltergeist case, no, it was occurring at a home which featured Scotland’s most famous poltergeist case that occurred way back in 1960, and now it was happening all over again. This was too good to be true, I thought to myself, "surely not". Generally speaking, poltergeist cases are usually short lived, as was the case in the famous 1960 incident, but for it to spring up and rear its ugly head again, well it was something just short of incredible. Apparently the local newspaper ‘The Wee County News’ was running with the story, so my first port of call was to contact them and find out more. This I did and they faxed through to me the 2 page article on what was happening. The following are the basic facts from the Wee County News article on the incidents.

LIVING IN FEAR, (Family say spook is forcing them out) {By Heidi Soholt}

A local family say that they are being hounded out of their home by a sinister presence believed to date back to the 1960s. The Maxwells from ** Park Crescent, Sauchie started hearing unexplainable noises, seeing household items moving and cupboards springing open soon after moving into their home a year ago. "Two weeks after we moved in strange things started happening" Said Mandy Maxwell (29) "We could hear a baby crying and were lying asleep one night when a cupboard flew open. The cupboard door had been secured with nails so there was no way it could have opened on its own". Mandy said that she also had been pinned to the wall and thrown across a bedroom by an invisible force. The family were at first unaware of their home’s strange history and were horrified to learn that a recently published book, ‘Ghost Hunters Guide To Britain’ which features contributions from a range of authors, contained information on ghostly goings on at no 30 dating back to the 1960s.

It appeared that a family, the Campbells, fled the house in 1960/61 after their 10 year old daughter Virginia was terrorised by a poltergeist. The book prompted a call from BBC Radio Scotland and the Maxwells were interviewed about their experiences at number **. Mandy’s husband James (38) said that things have now escalated to the extent that the terrified family has had to move into one bedroom. "Six of us are sleeping in the same room because of what’s been happening in the other bedrooms" "The weans (children) are too scared to get up to go to the toilet at night. I’ve been onto the Paragon Housing about getting moved somewhere else but they say there is nothing they can do". I’ve also been on to an estate agent about getting rented accommodation but they’ve not got anything suitable for us. We’ve told Paragon that we would be prepared to take the kids out of school and move out of the district if it meant they would be safe". Many said that she seemed to have been singled out by the ghost and still bore the bruises from being pushed down the stairs by it. She said she had caught glimpses of a dark shadowy figure described as ‘semi-transparent’ with water like ripples.

"No one will come to our house now," said Mandy. In an attempt to keep the evil spirit at bay, James said that he has hung crucifixes on all of the bedroom doorframes. H said he had also appealed to Father Kenneth McCaffrey from Alloa for help, but having discussed the matter with the Bishop, Father McCaffrey declined their request. "We’re seeing the poltergeist on a daily basis now and have been told that it has come back to the house because we’ve got a young family" said James. "If it gets any worse then I’ll take a mattress and move my family into my car".

This then was the story that appeared (word for word) in the Wee County News. Now firstly I had to find out for sure, if indeed the house that was spoken about in Heidi’s article was indeed the house which featured the famous case from 1960. I rang the newspaper up and offered my help as a researcher and someone who in point of fact did a re-appraisal of this famous case back in 1994 which was featured in their sister paper ‘The Alloa Advertiser’. At this point I learned that my colleague Brian Allan from SPI Scotland had also notified the paper and offered his help. Knowing this, I then agreed for Brian Allan and SPI Scotland, (the research body that I founded back in 1979) to become officially involved with this case.

The state of play at the moment is that SPI Scotland have already spent a night in this haunted house and I will feature a report of all their findings in the next issue of the SPI England News.

What we did however find out, and this is vitally important that fellow researchers understand this, is that the house in question ** Park Crescent Sauchie, IS NOT, I REPEAT IS NOT, the house that experienced those horrific poltergeist events of 1960. Somebody has mentioned to the Wee County News that this was the same house, and without any proper checking the Wee County News has run with this piece of information, thereby unfortunately misleading its readers. This is an important fact that we tell you this, for we don’t want authors writing things up for future books stating that the Sauchie Poltergeist re-surfaced in June 2000 after a 40 year absence. This won’t do, so after all the ‘hoo ha’, this is just another independent poltergeist case from Sauchie. What I guess is quite unusual is the fact that the original haunted house is in the same street and is not too far away from the current haunted house in question, but as I say, it is not the same house.

No doubt there will be more to this story as the weeks go on. What it has done is that it has re-opened ‘yet again’ the original 1960 case, and Brian Allan is at the moment going over firstly my 1994 re-appraisal, and doing some further checking of his own. We are currently trying to locate the alleged cine film that was taken of the 1960 poltergeist happenings. Apparently this went to the BBC at Queen Margaret Drive in Glasgow. 1n 1994 I got nowhere trying to locate this, I ended up running into brick walls, but hopefully Brian and SPI Scotland will be more successful. More news on this ever-running saga when I have it.


Had a phone call from another friend of mine up in Scotland who called me to say that strange things have been happening in a house in the village of, ‘wait for it’,………………Sauchie (!) What is it about Sauchie? Anyway he tells me that a 75 year old lady has fled the house due to ‘supernatural happenings’ and refuses to go back. Apparently strange voices can be heard coming from different parts of her bedroom and also shadowy figures have been seen. A friend set up a video camera in the haunted bedroom and apparently has captured a strange white light that appears in or just in front, of a wardrobe, but more importantly and perhaps dramatically, the video camera has picked up some anomalous voices on tape. I turned this case over to Brian Allan at SPI Scotland, and Brian (quick as he is) has already visited the home and spoken to the people concerned. Not only that, he has had a chance to view the video footage and tells me that although he is not overly impressed by the light on the wardrobe door, he tells me that the voices on tape are incredible and absolutely blew him away. He said that it’s the best evidence of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) that he has ever encountered. He is sending a copy of the tape to the Dept of Parapsychology at Edinburgh University for them to have a look at. More news on this case when we have it.


Had an interesting UFO sighting passed onto me recently. It initially went to Gloria Dixon who kindly asked me to find out more about it. Basically the story (as told by the witness himself) goes something like this.

"In the autumn of 1953 Senior Aircraftsman (SAC) Jim Jones (Pseudonym) was ordered from control R.A.F. Waterbeach to photograph an object that was picked up on radar approaching the airfield at great speed. The object stopped short at about 1 mile from the runway at an estimated height of 1000ft, elevation 30-35 degrees. SAC Jones took several feet of film and during the procedure received facial burns and singed hair as an F86 Super Sabre (USAF) took off to intercept. The object immediately took off eastwards at great speed. On returning to control, the cameras and films were taken and sent away to Air Ministry. SAC Jones was referred to the airfield hospital for treatment of the burns sustained".

Jim Jones 26/5/00.

I spoke to Jim on the phone and he went on to inform me that the object was disc shaped and silver in appearance and was very prominent in the bright sunlight. The sighting took place roughly around 2:30pm and was in full view for roughly 5 minutes before the object sped away as the F86 Super Sabre jet took off to intercept it. Air Traffic Control not only picked up this object on radar, but they too all witnessed this strange object in the sky. Jim said that the object’s size could be compared to holding a 5 pence piece at arm’s length. Jim doesn’t know what happened to the film that he took, he never found out. But one thing he did say which proved quite interesting was the fact that he met the radar operator in the NAAFI later and he told Jim that, and I quote, "We’ve had quite a few of these." He also showed Jim some of these files in confidence. This incident is but a drop in the ocean of many other incidents of this nature. Fellow researcher Nick Redfern has hundreds of them and has used quite a few of them in his books. They all clearly go to show that the British Armed Forces have, throughout time, been subjected to aerial displays from craft unknown ! Russians ! Chinese ! or what ! One thing’s for sure, they quickly dispatched a F86 Super Sabre to find out.

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Well that brings me to a close of another SPI England news. Our next news should hopefully contain more information about the Sauchie Poltergeist and other interesting bits and bobs. Remember, no mystery is closed to an open mind. If you have any strange experiences of your own, or photographs which you feel may contain an anomalous ‘something’, do let me know. E-mail me through the SPI England E-mail number which is, Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again go to Dean Ladds for making it all happen, and Judith Jaafar for correcting my terrible spelling and grammar, (I know I should have stuck in at school !)

Till next time.

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