Welcome to the UFO article page from Flying Saucer Review, over the years FSR has had many quality written articles referencing some of the worlds most amazing contact and UFO interaction cases ever to grace the written print media, so with that in mind we have collated a few good articles that would give you the reader, a good read into some of the finer and excellent UFO articles published over the last few decades, simply click on the link to read your chosen article.



UFOs Seen by Crew of an American Aircraft-Carrier (1952 - 1958) © By Chester C. Grusinski


Extraterrestrial Vampires in the Amazon Region of Brazil:Part II. © By Dr. Daniel Rebisso Giese (Précis Translation from Portuguese, G.C.)


Alien Abduction: The Ominous Truth of our day Part II. © By Don Worley (Indiana),FSR Consultant


The Nightmare Of Cloning! © By Gordon Creighton FSR


An Early British Naval Sighting. © By Gordon Creighton.


BOAINAI REVISITE By Michael Jordan, President of UFORUM (Perth, Western Australia).


CHUPACABRAS GALORE! © By Magdalena del Amo-Freixedo,


A UFO BASE BENEATH THE SIERRA BERMEJA RANGE IN S.W. PUERTO RICO? © By Jorge Martín,Editor of Evidencia OVNI (Puerto Rico) and FSR Consultant.


Are abductees specifically adapted to become UFO repeaters and contactees By Harry Challenger


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