As Over 5000 Await The Virgin Mary
UFO's "Put On A Show" In Brazil.

© Exclusive Report No.1 by Reginaldo de Athyayde,

Editorial Consultant to UFO, Journal of the Brazilian UFO research centre, Campo Grande, State of Minas Gerais (MS)
Editor: A.J. Gevaerd, Translation from Portuguese, G.C.
Source: UFO No.34 (Nov/Dec.1994)

North Eastern Brazil continues to receive regular UFO visitations, particularly the State of Ceará, with the heaviest concentration of sightings, landings, pursuits, abductions, and other happenings, around the town of Quixadá - including at least 36 close encounters in May, June and August of 1994. Much of this recent "Wave" has been concentrated around the mountain region known as Serra de Baturité, where, in December 1993, and throughout 1994 till August, the inhabitants were thrown into a state of terror by "balls of fire or of light," scores of people testifying that they had been pursued or attacked by such things. In one place, Amontada, numerous people, including the local mayor and local priest, observed several UFO landings. At another place in the same area, Mulungu, UFOs were seen flying over the town centre by hundreds of people, including top officials. And at a spot called Quebra Pau, farmers saw a UFO hovering above a grove of banana trees, scorching the tops of them all. Several people, including one José Ernani, aged 25, claimed close encounters. Ernani claimed to have talked "with a being of light" who said she was the Virgin Mary. She said the Serra de Baturité had been chosen by her to be the scene of a whole series of appearances.

Ernani first saw her on April 23, 1993, when he and several other people were at prayer in a grotto at Vila Peri, Fortaleza, From then onwards, on Mondays and Fridays, when praying, he alone continued to see her.

Ernani described her as a beautiful girl, in appearance aged about 19, with finely chiselled features, pink complexion, heart-shaped mouth, and long brown wavy hair. He said her eyes were "of a penetrating blue".

Ernani said that whenever she appears to him, there is always a breeze that ripples her mantle, revealing her silky hair.

Around her waist she wears a sort of sash about four inches wide, the end of which falls down along her left leg like a stole, and on this stole could be seen two faces - one of them of Jesus and the other of a white-haired bearded old man and the image of a dove, all of which Ernani took to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He said her voice was melodious and slow and measured, and she imparted this message:

"Dear children, I thank you deeply for responding to my call. Today I bring to Baturité a message of conversion. I beg of you to pray without ceasing, for only thus will you be able to come close to God and become His children, the most important gift that Jesus desires to give you today is Himself, presenting Himself to you, through the Eucharist, as a sacrifice for the remission of your sins. My children, love Jesus in the Eucharist. Today is the day of my Immaculate Heart. Do not refuse the opportunity to offer your sacrifices in defence of my Heart. To you, my favoured children the Baturité priests, I address this message: Honour your lives, dedicating them, day by day, to the sacraments to your neighbours. Today I am blessing this land chosen by God for my manifestation".

Well now, what are we to think of all this? Madness? Fanaticism?
Let us see.....

On September 1, 1993, the town of Brejo, also in the Serra de Baturité region, was visited by 3,000 pilgrims, all of whom are unanimous in affirming that, at 14.10 hrs. they observed that the Sun was losing its brightness and had become like a Full Moon and had changed colour, while a soft breeze had begun to mitigate the fierce heat of the region.

Then, as the crowd of the faithful were falling to their knees, all weeping and loudly singing, and begging the miraculous Holy Mother for mercy, at that very moment many of the eyewitnesses swear to have seen various phenomena. One farmer, José Valdenir Lima, says that as he saw José Ernani kneel down, a sort of "smoke" rose up from among the palm trees and a cold wind swept the tree tops. And others say they saw the Virgin, like a transparent being, rising up into the sky.

Whatever the facts may be, our organisation, the CPU (Centre for Brazilian UFO Research, Ceará, N.E. Brazil) has been making a close study of all these many UFO reports from that North-Eastern region of our country. Naturally we are not able yet to affirm that all these "Marian phenomena" on the one hand, and "UFO phenomena" on the other hand, are interlinked. But, in the meantime, we do believe, as is suggested by Steven Spielberg’s film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, that some sort of psycholgical preparation of the eyewitnesses takes place before some significant phenomenon.

Thus, in the present case at Baturité, these events may have been a psychological preparation for what would happen later, on October 1st.

What is undeniable is that "somebody" truly did interfere in the normal lives of the inhabitants of the Baturité region.What we do now have to investigate is this: were those objects that were observed, prior to the Virgin apparition, "UFOs" ? Or were Ufonauts preparing for the arrival of a higher being belonging to some"Cosmic Court"?


Owing to the enormous complexity of the subject, we have no definite answers to these questions. But we shall continue with our investigations in the North-East, and on any dates marked down for other visits by the BVM (if such she be) to the Sierra de Baturité area, we shall be there, with our cameras.

[Note by Editor of UFO, A.J. Gevaerd: The next date was October 1, 1994, which would normally have been after our closing date for this issue. However, since the events for that day were going to be so very important and significant, we delayed our closure in order to be able to include the article which immediately follows this one.]

Our intention is to dissect the phenomenon thoroughly and attempt to provide scientific explanations for the facts. If we don’t manage to get them then we shall have to recognise that something far, far beyond our powers of imagination is occurring in that remote and isolated corner of our world.

But we have also other important phenomena to record:-

A few years ago, the town of Pacajus, (also in the State of Ceará, N.E. Brazil) had a UFO visitation in which - just as had happened in the State of Pará - people in lonely places were attacked by craft which sucked their blood and left the bodies. The people of the region called the craft the "chupa-chupas" - the bloodsuckers, and there was a lot about the subject in the local newspapers at the time.

Well now - just lately, a new happening has shaken the small town of Pacajus. Joaquina Nogueira de Sousa, a young woman aged 28, was coming back from Pacajus to Pedra Branca when she saw "a weird light, very powerful, lighting up an entire grove of cashew nut trees". She halted and watched, and thought the whole thing very odd indeed, seeing that there were no electricity power-lines anywhere there to account for what she was seeing. The place is lonely, the highway there is dark, and unpaved, with areas of enormous cashew trees.

Suddenly, appearing as it were "out of nowhere", Joaquina saw two "luminous beings" ahead of her.

They were tall, in phosphorescent tight-fitting clothing. They were standing there just looking at her, at a distance of about ten metres. Then, as they came closer, she was able to see them by the light of the Moon. She told our team of investigators: "They were a man and a woman. The man was powerfully built and tall, very tall. He had black fluffy hair combed back, and he spoke to me". She said he had slant eyes and arched eyebrows ("like an inverted V"). His ears were larger than human ears, and slightly pointed. he had a prominent chin and darkish skin (pele de cor parda) - "almost transparent."

He spoke in a grave and assured tone. "Don’t be afraid. We are not going to do you any harm. We don’t want anything from you: keep calm."

She saw his lips moving. However, they did not appear to be speaking, but rather to be inserting the words into her head. He went on: "I am Karran. We are just passing through here. We have already been here before. Don’t be afraid", and Joaquina grew ever more astonished.

The other figure, which seemed to be a woman, also had black hair, combed back, and the same physionomical features as the man who called himself Karran.

The woman also said something, which Joaquina did not understand. She perceived however that the woman’s voice was soft and gentle. Speaking with a mixture of astonishment and fear, Joaquina told us: "She had a sculptural looking body and tight-fitting clothes, revealing a well-delineated silhouette. She was smiling slightly, and showed gentleness".

After this slight attempt at conversation, the woman stepped away and drew something out of the wide belt which she, like the man, was wearing. It started to click, and she put it to her right ear and said a few words that Joquina thought sounded like "Ami", "Sabatan", and "Radan".

Meanwhile, louder sounds were coming from the device, as though someone was communicating.

Then Karran drew something from his own belt and gave it to Joaquina, gesturing to her to raise it to her mouth. She obeyed, but it was sour. Her mouth quickly filled with saliva and she began to feel nauseated and spat several times, thinking she might have been poisoned. She felt herself dominated by the eyes of the male visitor, who came closer still to her and put something into her ear. She does not remember whether it hurt, but only that she began to be aware again of what was happening as her own brother, José de Arimatéia, who had remained at home in the village and was now travelling over the same route as she, dashed up to her when he saw she was face to face with two unknown and luminous beings.

Seeing him coming, the two beings withdrew the apparatus from Joquina’s ear and then, turning away with their backs towards her they vanished as though evaporating before her eyes, just as they had first appeared to her.

The brother, Arimatéia, declared that, as he had been approaching the spot he had perceived two quite tall persons, strangely luminous, and he confirmed that they had indeed vanished as though by magic.

In our interview with Joaquina and her brother we were able to verify that they had previously never talked to each other about UFOs or had ever known anything whatever about the subject. "Likewise we ascertained that being - as they both are - simple folk from the Brazilian Interior, they had never heard talk about the case of the married couple Herminio and Bianca Reis which had occurred during the 1970s, and in which an entity had also said that his name was Karran" *

What we did discover in the course of our enquiries was that something very significant had indeed happened to the brother and sister. From the details given to us by them both it was evident that they had indeed both been confronted by beings resembling humans, but not of this world.

On that very same day other people also testified that they had seen a UFO in that same district. They included another brother of José and Joaquina, and also an uncle and a brother-in-law of theirs. There was also a thirteen-year -old boy named Manuel, who had been pursued by an object emitting a powerful hot beam of light that burnt his right arm and caused him to drop a parcel he was carrying.

None of the eyewitnesses consented to hypnosis, but they passed all the tests that we were able to apply, including psychological examinations carried out by accredited psychologists linked to our Investigation Group.

The case is certainly a much disputed one, but we do not think that there is any kind of fraud involved, because the people in question are simple, humble, honest folk who could in any case reap no benefit from the story, quite apart from the fact that they know nothing whatever about "matters ufological".

However, we are carrying on with our investigation so as to secure every scrap of detail, and always bearing in mind the dictum that, so long as the contrary remains unproven, we shall be obliged to accept this story as true.


* I recall very well the details of this extraordinary case, and it is still among the mass of untranslated Brazilian material that I have in my files. It was my firm intention to translate it, and Irene Granchi, one of our Brazilian Consultants, made a point of seeing that I got the whole story, and indeed she even published a short book about it. This too I had hoped to be able to give to our readers, even if only in an abridged form. But the flood of material over these many years has been too much for me to attempt to handle it. I will now dig out the Herminio and Bianca Story and try to make a translation of it soon. It is certainly one of the strangest that we have ever seen, and the alien entity in it did say that his name was "Karran". So far as I can recall the encounter was not in the far North-East of Brazil, but, in the more southerly part of this vast country, probably in or near the state of Minas Gerais.

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