The continued evidence for a race of Ultra-Tall Humanoids.

Taken from Albert Rozales humanoid database. Rio Blanco, Veracruz, Mexico November 2002 (night-time).

Hortensia Casillas (AKA Tencha) ran a small food store at the outskirts of town with her sister. They were getting ready to close up when suddenly a huge man-like figure came in the front door and using hand signals asked for water. The strange figure was over 2 meters in height, and had to bend over as he entered the store. He had blond hair, wore a tight-fitting see through scaly diver’s outfit apparently made out of some very thin material. Once the man was given the water he walked out without paying. Tencha and her sister immediately ran after him and saw him cross over a nearby bridge and disappear from sight. They yelled at others to follow him but apparently nobody else could see him anymore.

The strange visitor on the Green. Intruders in our countryside.

In July 2001, the cold grey light of an early summer’s morning gave up it’s secret; a landed disc had set down on a typical English village green in the night. In a nearby front garden, an extremely tall figure, an eight-foot tall man wearing a wetsuit, was seen to emerge from the front doorway of a house. This report represents one sighting, which, is a small part of the slow advance in our knowledge. Does it represent a glimpse of what may happen outside our perception? Do clandestine visitors such as this routinely operate behind their sensory barriers in our midst ? Can we say what is being done to us and our homes by these strange-uninvited visitors? This report originates from a rural village called Sandon in Northern Hertfordshire, the witness is a middle aged woman who lives alone.


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I was awoken at 5am, as it was already light I walked to the upstairs bedroom window to glance at the area in my front garden. My attention was drawn to a very bright light in the sky above the large detached house a little further along the lane and opposite to my home. I could see an extraordinarily tall figure near the front door, I could not ascertain whether he had emerged from that point. I could see his head and shoulders dressed in a very dark wet suit as ‘he’ proceeded to move about the front garden partially concealed by a tall hedge.

I immediately tried to step back from the window, as I felt extremely frightened at the time that he would notice me. I began to panic when I found I could no longer move my legs as they now appeared glued to the floor. The figure came out onto the green and appeared to operate a panel that started a series of 4 large pulsing lights on something parked on the grass verge adjoining the front garden of the house. He appeared to squat down and operated this panel at the side of the object.

The very tall man must have entered the object as he quickly disappeared. The object now took up a silent hovering position a metre or so above the roadside. The four coloured lights appeared to rotate and pulsate alternately so I could not view the vehicle directly. I then watched in frozen cold fear as this bizarre hovering object flew up along the road to halt at a position directly opposite the upper bedroom window where I stood frozen. I could now see it was a domed hemisphere in shape. It was completely silent.The object then instantly shot upwards and was gone. Immediately I became mobile once more and I descended to my kitchen in a terrible state of shock. During the following days I was almost too afraid to go outside, I was too scared to ask my neighbours if they had observed anything unusual that morning, although the telephones were shorted out in our part of the village.

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Text Box: FSR Comment: This report described a temporary paralysis which happened when the witness came into contact with the light emanations from the objects while she stood next to the window.  Perhaps the paralysis is further evidence of some kind of light mediated inhibition of our motor nerves (muscle control), which is also reported in abduction. Is this a form of ray that temporarily induces tetanus excluding the heart and respiratory muscles vital for life? Other people seem to come under the influence of a ray that induces calm and lethargy. How can we defend against such measures?


Whatever happened to the Nordics?

An opinion on two recent appearances in the U.K.

Text Box:              There have been significant efforts to exorcise Nordic aliens to the position of a comical relic of the 1950s ‘space brother’ era. A reoccurring question on the International humanoid database compiled by Albert Rozales is whatever happened to these human-looking aliens who dominated the first years? Why do there only seem to be reports of diabolical humanoid predators these days? The following sightings may indicate that they continue to operate here, albeit in a clandestine way. It is likely that they discriminate very carefully how they make themselves known to contemporary witnesses. In May 2005, there were two consecutive sightings in the U.K. of a Nordic female dressed in a lilac jump-suit. The first witness in London found the figure-sitting upright in his armchair. She then slowly turned to stare at him and hold his gaze; then she faded away as is the manner with such cases.

Two days prior to this an identical figure appeared to another witness based on the South Coast of England as he awoke in the early morning hours. He watched her as she leaned right over him as if looking for something. After giving a comprehensive, if shocked description to FSR the witness was re-contacted in the following week to update details. He was now totally unaware of any such encounter having taken place; he remained mystified throughout. Does this total amnesia represent the truth behind their faltering numbers in recent years?



Six Classic Nordics encountered in Wiltshire July 1994.

The following case is a description only of a controversial encounter with six very tall blonde humanoids, at the edge of the famous East Field in Alton Barnes, which, has long been associated with crop circles. The witness, who is 60, now lives in France.

I remember thinking; they are so tall, they are all six-foot and over in height. These figures all wore long capes down to ground level. The brown hooded cowls revealed two males who had very large blue eyes, very high cheekbones and long pallid faces. The four females all had the same identical blonde hair and very large faces. All their hair had been cut in a medieval Pageboy style, worn to shoulder length and parted in the centre. They all had vivid blue eyes. Two of the females wore green, one red and one yellow. The females had more oval faces and deep-set eyes than the males, however, they all looked so near identical it was uncanny.

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The females had all let their hoods down, to rest elegantly upon their shoulders, revealing their fine blonde hair. What were most noticeable were their eyes, they remained both limpid and expressionless throughout. They appeared almost resigned, a grave expressionless air emanated from them that made me uneasy. One of the females had crimped hair and a straight fringe. It was this person that came forward to me at first as she passed us by, the others gathered around my side of the van. The men had their hoods up and had no hair showing so that they looked somewhat like penguins bills. I could not see anyone’s body at all, not even their ears, no arms only what appeared to be booted feet. I thought it odd that they should all be so covered up when it was so humid but without rain.

I asked them what they were doing, they replied in heavy Germanic accents that they were dowsing and feeling the energy under their feet. I asked them about crop circles and they said circles and patterns appear in cabbages, spinach, ice sand and even trees. Two female figures seemed to have disappeared at this point. One of the remaining females quickly dipped her arm inside her cape. ‘I have something to show you.’ I put my hand out of the van in anticipation. ‘No, open your palm,’ her hand rapidly darted out of her cloak. I noticed her fingers were extremely long and without an obvious thumb.

A piece of metal twice the size of the British fifty pence piece now lay in my palm, about a quarter of an inch thick. It fitted close to my skin like it was soft and molten; it sparkled with hundreds of little facets like a cut diamond; but its colour was matt like new pewter. Its upper surface resembled a fern leaf, like frozen ice on a window pane there were also tiny holes like those on driftwood. It looked so intricate and beautiful; it also felt very light to hold. ‘Put your hand out flat’, and again her hand shot out rapidly to retrieve the object in my palm. She told me this object originated in outer space. She began to move behind me and she disappeared with her other female companion.

I was left with the two hooded identical twin males; I asked them what they thought about crop circles. ‘They are trying to tell us something, we will not listen. Earths resources are finite; we must stop pillaging the Earth. We must stop polluting and exploiting the natural resources. We must stop exploiting each other and stop killing each other or God will be very angry.’ We exchanged a last few words and they stepped towards the road and vanished in plain view of the van wing mirrors.

FSR Comment: This case caused controversy when it was first aired privately because there are apparently no other humanoid cases so directly associated with crop circles. (There are in fact a few unpublished cases, which will appear in a future FSR). However, can there be another rational explanation for how six tall blonde figures with identical faces and page boy haircuts could come to offer a witness an object that they claim originated in outer space?

This bizarre artefact shared certain similarities with the strange object found by abductee Pedro Gomez in the Ummo case featured in FSR 50.4. Are these intricately crafted otherworldly objects morphed from base metals or quartzite rock used as a distinctive form of memento by our visitors? Can they readily morph any naturally available substance into a finely inscribed structure of their own devising and at their own convenience? Are we capable of recognising such technology exists? A contact case from Norfolk in the mid-1990s featured a beautifully inscribed stone eye with a silhouette of a dove captured inside the pupil. These intricate images seem linked to a manifestation of archetypes.

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