Graham W. Birdsall - Editor UFO Magazine UK

1954 - 2003

Photo of Graham Birdsall taken at the recent Crop Circle Symposium in
Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. It was taken by FSR Director George
Wingfield, in the "Who'd a Thought it?" pub where Graham, George and
Budd Hopkins had a drink.

UFOlogy's Graham
Birdsall Passes Too Soon
From Peter Robbins Editor,

Dear Friends,

At about 5:00 this morning (GMT) (19th September) , Graham Birdsall passed away in hospital in his home city of Leeds with his family by his side. His death was the result of a cerebral hemorrhage suffered on September 11.

Graham (along with his brother Mark) founded UFO Magazine (UK) and as Editor-In-Chief built the publication into the most successful and influential magazine of its kind. Graham was also a friend and mentor to many of the best-known (and lesser known) ufologists around the world. He produced many UFO conferences and related events, including the Leeds International UFO Conference, which would have been held this weekend had it not been cancelled due to Graham's illness.

While Graham Birdsall's death is a very real blow to the world of international ufology, our hearts go out to his family at this sad time - his wife Christine, daughters Helen and Louise, granddaughter Katy, brother Mark and son-in-law Russel. Those of us who were fortunate enough to know Graham and have him as a friend will miss him terribly, but we will always remember him for his courage, sense of humor, drive, and countless contributions to the field of ufology.

Those wishing to send condolences to the family should address their cards to:

The Birdsall Family C/o UFO Magazine Lloyds Bank Chambers West Street Ilkley LS29 9DW United Kingdom

* FSR would like to thank for allowing us to use the above statement on Graham Birdsall *

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